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Guaranteed Quality Manpower,
Smart Trades Certified

Our exclusive SmartTrades Certified Program separates
the qualified from the wannabes.

Heres how:

smart recruiting

Smart Recruiting

Our talent strategy combines online outreach , advanced search tools, and industry networking to deliver quality candidates who fit client needs and culture.

clear certification

Clear Certification Criteria

SmartTrades workers must have suitable tools, reliable transportation, a punctual track record, and positive assignment reviews.

smart pre-screening

Smart Pre-Screening

SmartTrades workers undergo E-verification, drug screening, background checks, reference checks, skills testing, and license verification for reliability and professionalism.

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Ready to find Smart Trades People?

Take the hassle out of recruiting skilled workers. Let our trades specialists do the heavy lifting and find the perfect people for the job.

Guaranteed Manpower

SmartTrades is focused on you, your productivity, your cost, safety, schedule and most importantly, your profitability. We’re not interested in just putting people to work, but helping you succeed.

In fact, we’re so confident in our people that we guarantee your satisfaction. Test any SmartTrades worker for up to eight hours.

If they don’t meet your expectations, there’s no charge.

guaranteed manpower

At Smart Trades it’s Safety First

OSHA is a reality in your business. Failure to comply with their shifting regulations can mean stiff fines and shut-downs. All SmartTrades team members are OSHA 30 certified and we keep up with current regulations.

All SmartTrades workers have completed a comprehensive safety orientation, passed a safety quiz, and have the necessary PPE for the job.

As your safety partner, we can assess your site and our risk professionals can provide a written plan, if needed. We can recommend adjustments to current safety practices and even provide training to your staff.

Essentially, we make your life easier, safer and less risky by being your outsourced safety and risk partner.

3 States and still growing.

At Smart Trades™, our success is intrinsically linked to your success, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience when you choose to work with us. As our partnerships flourish and expand nationwide, we are proud to offer a team of highly qualified employees ready to cater to your unique staffing requirements in:

  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Georgia
smart resources

We know people,
in all industries.

Smart Resources offers four different arms of expertise
through our family of Companies – Smart Trades, Smart
Search, Smart Gigs and Smart Staffing.

These separate but collaborative Companies ensure we
offer the most suitable job-related services, meeting
sector-specific criteria and procedures while at the same
time streamlining the process of employing personnel
across multiple industries.

Industrial Staffing

Smart Staffing is a strategic
personnel placement firm that trains
and creates a workforce for your

Industrial Staffing

1099 Workers
Short Term Events
Day Labor

Industrial Staffing

Our company connects businesses
with qualified and dedicated workers
that can be employed on a reliable
basis when and where required.

Industrial Staffing

From uncovering qualified candidates
to uncovering new job openings, our
services can provide the solutions
necessary to aid with your
professional and business goals.

Smart Trades faced the same challenges
as our clients, and curated a Smart solution.

Smart Trades is a division of Smart Resources, a national staffing organization established in 2011, with a longstanding record of service for domestic and international clients including DHL, Bonneville Builders, Burton Lumber, Clorox, Bullfrog Spas, Burt Brothers, and many others.

The SmartTrades Division exclusively focuses on skilled trades in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas

We are committed to ensuring that our workers are properly trained and certified in the areas they’re working in so that you can be sure they’ll be able to do the job right the first time. Our team is always available to provide ongoing support and advice.

Finally, we recognize that cost is a major factor in any project. That’s why we’re committed to providing competitive rates and flexible payment terms so that you can budget accordingly.

At SmartTrades, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve success. Let us show you the difference that our experienced professionals can make for your next project

Belinda VanFleet
Smart Trades President


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